company ethics policy

Taking into account social issues the Management Board of Sawex S.A. undertake to:

  • compliance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Fundamental Principles of the International Labour Organization,
  • equal treatment of men and women in employment,
  • supporting freedom of association,
  • oppose forced labour and child labour,
  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and violence,
  • ensuring fair remuneration for work,
  • continuous improvement of working conditions,
  • education, training and motivating employees to perform their duties in accordance with the principles of ethics.


The company’s ethics policy obliges us to:

  • compliance with national and international regulations and laws,
  • equal treatment of suppliers grounded on the implemented compliance procedure in the field of anti-corruption and reporting of irregularities,
  • counteracting corruption, extortion and enforcing,
  • compliance with all applicable laws relating to unfair competition,
  • maintaining transparency with regard to transactions concluded with foreign entities,
  • reliable and responsible conduct in mutual relations with clients, contractors and public authorities,
  • respect the rights of local residents and cooperate with regional organizations and authorities.

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