Cars are the most important means of passenger and goods transport. In 2021, their number in the world exceeded 1.1 billion and is constantly growing. This trend will continue in the coming years. According to estimates, 1.5 billion of these vehicles will be on the roads in 2025, and over 2 billion of these vehicles in 2040. Annual sales of new cars currently stand at nearly 80 million units.


The automotive industry, however, has to face many challenges resulting from continuous technological development, new consumption demands and changes in the regulatory environment. Producers’ activities focus on two aspects: reducing energy consumption and pollution emissions, and improving road traffic safety. In 2030, the share of electric and hybrid cars in new sales is expected to be over 20%. Vehicles are designed, equipped and managed to be increasingly durable and safe. However, it is not known what impact the new, still unknown technological solutions will have on the market.


One thing that is certain about the automotive industry is the role of rubber. Over the years, this raw material remains an indispensable component of tire production. Rubber is also used in the production of many other motor vehicle components, such as shock absorbers, V-belts, timing belts, suspension components and hoses. Rubber is also used for the structural elements of cars that must be resistant to vibrations and are designed to dampen them. It is also an excellent material used for the production of all kinds of seals, e.g., for car bodies.


our products

Sawex offers butyl, chlorobutyl, butadiene and isoprene rubbers. Our portfolio also includes specialized chemical products used in rubber processing.

Planning deliveries

Many years of industry experience, tailor-made analytical tools and modern databases in the hands of a responsible team of employees ensure exceptional accuracy in forecasting demand for products. We provide the optimal management of inventory and logistics of deliveries. We pay extraordinary attention to ensure that our services are safe for employees, subcontractors, partners and the environment. We treat information received during cooperation with clients as confidential.

Goods storage

We provide an extensive storage and warehousing service for goods from outside the customs territory of the European Union, tailored to the needs of our customers. Customs warehouses are located along the most important goods transit routes in Poland. We have two customs warehouses located on the national route A2 in Siedlce. We have warehouse space in the Free Customs Zone in Małaszewicze on the Polish-Belarusian border and in the transhipment port in Szczecin. We work with operators in Germany and Slovenia. We have warehouse space in the USA and Canada. In the United States, our warehouse is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where we have been stocking goods since 2012. We provide optimized, end-to-end logistics services, including long-term product demand and supply analysis, forecasting overseas deliveries, organization of the procurement process, air, rail, road and sea transport, as well as storage of goods in bonded warehouses. We organize just-in-time deliveries through a network of call-off consignment warehouses at factories. We employ personnel specializing in logistics and warehousing processes and we are able to adapt our storage offer to even the most demanding customers.

Customs service

We provide warehousing and warehousing services for goods from outside the customs territory of the European Union. Our experience covers over 20 years of customs services. We carry out all formalities related to the import of excise goods. We cooperate with a recovery organization to fulfil the obligations related to the product fee. We have a tax warehouse for all formalities related to the import of excise goods. We are registered with the Energy Regulatory Office as an importer under the numbers RPP/863 and RPP/693. We have an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate, license number PLAEOC440000190155, which allows us to take advantage of the facilities in the field of customs clearance and simplification of customs procedures.

Transportation services

In our activities, we use only proven, contractual carriers with an established position on the market of transport services. We provide the highest quality services and maximum safety of transport by adjusting the offer to the needs of our customers. We employ experienced staff specialized in logistic processes. Optimization of transport processes provides us with flexible deliveries to indicated places in Europe and in the world. Thanks to the excellent organization of work, the goods entrusted to us always reach the destination safely and in a timely manner.

Product sourcing

For corporate buyers and individual clients, we implement expert programs for sourcing raw materials from the EMEA, USA, Asia and Pacific markets. We follow the technical specification, experience in product processing and the specificity of delivery logistics. Our goal is to market raw materials of high and stable technical quality, at a competitive price and in accordance with applicable regulations. We work with certified suppliers and pay special attention to the safety of production, logistics, storage and use of products.

Product testing

We conduct analytical tests supporting the registration of the product in the European Union and subsequent random tests in order to confirm the quality stability. In cooperation with our partners, we perform specialized industry tests and provide objective analytical data to solve industrial application problems. Our research confirms the high quality of the imported products and the compliance of the declared parameters with the technical data.

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