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EMEA, a region covering countries located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is the main area of SAWEX’s activity. Our warehouses are located in Poland, from which we supply factories in Europe and ship goods outside the EU. The company’s headquarters is located in Warsaw.
  • 47,000 tons of goods delivered in 2021 in the EMEA region
  • deliveries to 30 factories in Poland
  • logistics services for over 10 factories in the EU and Turkey
  • consignment warehouses in the EU
  • customs warehouses in Siedlce, Małaszewicze and in the port of Szczecin

South America

The South America area is an important part of our company’s business. We deliver goods to South American factories directly from manufacturers in accordance with the schedule set by our customers. In emergency situations, we help maintain production continuity by using stocks from warehouses in the USA and Poland.
  • turnover of 13,000 tons in 2021
  • support for 4 factories
  • transit of goods through 4 ports

North America

North America is the second largest area of our company’s operations. In the USA and Canada, we have buffer warehouses from which we supply factories in these countries.

  • turnover of 10,000 tons in 2021
  • service of 8 factories
  • buffer warehouse in North Carolina and Canada

Asia Pacific

The territory of Asia and the Pacific is an area from which we both source and deliver products from Europe. For our clients, we search for and market materials tailored to specific production requirements.

  • 5,000 tons of goods delivered in 2021 in the Asia Pacific region
  • deliveries to 6 factories
  • transit through 7 ports
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